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Real Food All Year (eBook)


Real Food All Year is a practical and important season-by-season guide to cooking techniques and recipes that allow readers to eat in harmony with nature. Using local, whole foods, readers learn to create delicious meals that can enhance their energy and well-being.


For thousands of years, human lives and diets have been closely tied to the rhythms of the seasons–and for good reason. Following the season-by-season nutritional principles of Chinese medicine is the best way to maximize the nutrients in your diet and strengthen your body. Real Food All Year offers seasonal shopping lists and meal suggestions, detoxifying cleanses drawn from the wisdom of ancient traditions, and tips for putting together quick snacks on the go. This guide includes everything you need to enjoy the pleasures of eating fresh foods and nourishing your body in the way nature intended.

In Real Food All Year, you’ll learn to:

• Use Eastern medicinal principles to balance your diet for greater energy

• Understand how each season affects your body’s health

• Refresh your body with simple, energy-building cleanses

• Prepare delicious meals using over 35 gluten-free recipes

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Nishanga Bliss



Publish Date

4 – 2012


9781608821563, 9781608821570


9781608821563, 9781608821570


New Harbinger Publications

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