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  • Divorce is often stressful for kids. But for kids who have parents in conflict with one another, or where one parent is so hostile that he or she is actively trying to undermine the kids’ relationship with the other parent, divorce can be unbearable. In But I Love You Both, two psychologists and experts in parental alienation offer a workbook for kids who are feeling torn between two parents in a hostile divorce. The book also deals with the negative impact of custody disputes and helps children understand and identify their feelings, learn to cope with stress and other complex emotions, and feel safe and loved.

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  • My Lifebook Journal is a workbook foster parents can use to help foster children build self-esteem, deal with feelings of sadness and anger, and thrive within their foster homes.

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  • Every child whose parents are going through a separation or divorce should have a copy of this workbook. The forty sensitively written activities in The Divorce Workbook for Children help kids adapt to family changes, deal with stress, keep from getting involved in parental arguments, cope with their feelings when a parent begins to date again, and more. For ages 6-12.

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