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Memory Improvement

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  • This book will not only provide succinct proven mnemonics but will also serve as a guide to the most up-to-date efficacy of medications, researched alternative natural remedies, homeopathic remedies, and hypnosis. The rising concern with memory within the U.S. is unquestionable. We are saturated with new breakthroughs that last months only to find out that the research methodology was flawed. There are many well executed studies that have shown that memory can be preserved and enhanced by natural remedies (antioxidants, ibuprofin, etc). People also want a quick fix. This book will get right to the point and educate the reader on what to do and not to do.

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  • When you understand how your memory actually works, you are better equipped to optimize it. In The Neuroscience of Memory, neuropsychologist Sherrie All offers readers a seven-step approach to memory enrichment drawn from evidence-based neuroscience. With this guide, readers will learn to enhance brain and memory function, and stay mentally sharp as they age.

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