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  • At seventeen, following the directions of the philosopher and mystic Douglas Harding, David Lang pointed his finger at his own face and discovered he didn’t have one. Instead, he found himself staring at nothing. But it was a very special nothing-a nothing filled with everything. Taking this revelation as his starting point, Lang shows how …

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  • Bigger Than The Sky is a wake-up call. Seemingly about sorrow, the sun keeps breaking through. As you turn the pages, you will meet Vicki and her friend Peter. Vicki facing her husband’s death and Peter having awakened after a series of strokes. Peter lived in peace and presence, no matter what occurred. Peter loved …

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  • Mooji is among the most beloved and well-known Advaita masters living today. And with this unique book of prayers and blessings, he provides wisdom for both readers drawn to sincere introspection and self-inquiry, and those with a deep affinity for the power of prayer. Using devotional language familiar to many spiritual traditions, including Christianity and Sufism, this beautiful, gift-sized prayer book features Mooji’s own drawings and handwritten sayings, and may be read start to finish or opened at any page for insight into the moment.

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  • White Fire is a collection of 800 gleaming sparks of wisdom from world-renowned Advaita master Mooji, whose followers number in the hundreds of thousands. These essential spiritual teachings ignite within the hearts of readers, guiding them toward the end of suffering and delusion, and thus revealing their true nature as perfect and timeless being. In Mooji’s own words, “Only when the ego is slain by the white fire of pure seeing will the light be set free—the light that illumines the whole world.”

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