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  • Communication is an essential life skill that every teen must learn. But in an age of social media, texting, and ever-evolving technology, teens are—more than ever—forgetting how to engage in real, face-to-face communication, a critical skill for their future success. Based on the classic New Harbinger best-seller, Messages, this book teaches teens necessary skills, such as assertiveness, active listening, and compassion, to help them become effective communicators in the real world, away from their electronic devices. By following the practical, skills-based tips in each chapter, teens will learn powerful communication techniques to last a lifetime.

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  • In Relationship Skills 101 for Teens, best-selling author of Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens, Sheri Van Dijk offers teens powerful tools to regulate their emotions and create better relationships—whether it’s with parents, friends and peers, or dates. Using skills based in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), teens will learn to take control of their emotions and reactions in order to respond effectively to peer pressure, bullying, and gossip, and navigate the myriad social issues that make these years so challenging.

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  • Teen girls feel intense pressure to fit in and make friends. In this important guide, therapist and teen expert Lucie Hemmen offers ten tips to solve one of the biggest worries teen girls struggle with: social success. In the book, teen readers will find real strategies for growing a strong sense of self-knowledge and self-appreciation—two key building blocks for succeeding in the social world, and beyond.

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