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  • Both social work and psychology stress the importance of understanding and addressing the contextual forces which contribute to human problems. Now, in Mindfulness and Acceptance in Social Work, a clinical social worker brings together the top voices in social work and mindfulness-based treatments in one volume. The book offers social workers an introduction to evidence-based mindfulness concepts and discusses how they can be applied to their profession. It also includes brief interventions that can bring mindfulness and acceptance into daily practice.

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  • From reproductive rights and the wage gap to #MeToo and #TimesUp¬ógender inequality has permeated nearly every aspect of our culture. With this revolutionary feminist self-help guide, readers will find powerful tools they can use every day to combat the effects discrimination and gender inequality, improve self-confidence, build resilience, and actively resist the gendered messages they’ve internalized from living in an openly sexist, patriarchal society.

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  • Healing from the effects of racism is a journey that often involves reliving trauma and experiencing feelings of shame, guilt, and anxiety. The Racial Healing Handbook offers practical tools to help readers navigate daily and past experiences of racism, challenge internalized negative messages and privileges, develop racial consciousness and conscientiousness, and ultimately build a community of healing in a world still filled with microaggressions and discrimination.

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