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Category: Death, Grief, Bereavement

Death, Grief, Bereavement

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  • Grief can affect both body and mind—and teens dealing with grief may not know how to work through grief in healthy ways. In this helpful and healing guide, the director of the Children’s Grief Connection offers help for teens dealing with the physical aspects of grief and loss. This book utilizes somatic, body-oriented skills to help teens know how and why their bodies are reacting to grief, as well as ways to relieve anxiety and confusion and begin the healing process.

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  • When teens lose a sibling, it is devastating. They lose a lifetime playmate, confidant, role model, and friend. Now, for the first time, a psychotherapist specializing in teen and adolescent bereavement offers an essential guide for teens who have lost a sibling. In the book, teens will learn how to process difficult feelings by finding their unique coping style, deal with overwhelming emotions, and find constructive ways to cope with this profound loss so they can moveforward in a meaningful and healthy way.

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