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  • This comprehensive workbook helps teens who self-injure explore the reasons behind their need to hurt themselves and sets forth positive ways to deal with the issues of stress and control. The activities in this workbook provide teens with safe, effective alternatives to self-injury and help them develop a plan to stay healthy.

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  • Self-harm is a serious problem with potentially long-term or even deadly consequences. From the author of Don’t Let Your Emotions Run Your Life for Teens, this workbook outlines the four essential skills of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help teens regulate emotions, make behavioral changes, and cultivate resilience. Using the evidence-based tools in this guide, teen readers can put an end to self-harming behaviors and build the life they truly want.

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  • Mindfulness creates space for teens to stop and reflect, before engaging in impulsive reactions such as self-harm. In The Self-Harm Workbook for Teens, mindfulness expert Gina Biegel offers teen readers powerful skills to help them identify negative, self-harming thoughts and manage these thoughts in healthy ways, instead of resorting to cutting and other dangerous behaviors.

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