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After the Stork (eBook)


In After the Stork, a cognitive behavioral therapist dispels the myths about postpartum depression and offers a powerful program mothers and fathers can use to prevent and treat it both before and after the baby is born.


A New Parent’s Guide to Taking Charge of Postpartum Depression

Having a baby is one of the most dramatic transitions you will ever make, both opening you to the greatest love you can experience and setting in motion a rollercoaster of emotions you never before thought possible. These feelings are affected significantly by psychological and social factors-in fact, studies reveal that nearly as many new fathers as new mothers exhibit symptoms of postpartum depression.

Written by a clinical psychologist specializing in postpartum depression, After the Stork clearly explains this often misunderstood condition and offers a revolutionary approach to stopping depression in its tracks. You’ll discover powerful tools for addressing the sleep deprivation, financial tensions, and stress that can cause depression to take hold, and finally be able to make more room for experiencing the joy of welcoming a new child into your life.

You’ll learn how to:

•Develop depression-busting habits of thought
•Reconnect to your family, friends, and community
•Reignite an intimate relationship with your partner
•Move past guilt and shame and step into your new role as a great parent

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Sara Rosenquist



Publish Date

10 – 2010


9781572248649, 9781608821365


9781572248649, 9781608821365


New Harbinger Publications

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