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The Good News About the Bad News (eBook)


In The Good News About the Bad News: Herpes, an internationally recognized expert on genital herpes offers honest, friendly, and up-to-date advice and support to the millions of people living with one of the most common viral STDs, herpes.


If you have genital herpes, you’re not alone. Millions of people lead healthy, sexually active lives with herpes. Although herpes symptoms can be managed with medication and treatment, the stigma associated with the infection can negatively impact self-esteem and become a problem in itself. This complete guide to living with genital herpes, written by internationally recognized herpes expert Terri Warren, addresses every practical issue people with herpes face.

The author offers information on:

•Understanding herpes symptoms and triggers
•Knowing your treatment options
•Reducing the risk of transmission to future sex partners
•Breaking the news to potential partners

Included in The Good News About the Bad News: Herpes are responses to common questions and concerns based on the author’s experiences counseling thousands of people with genital herpes in her sexual health clinic.

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Terri Warren



Publish Date

5 – 2009, 4 – 2007


9781572248571, 9781608825622


9781572248571, 9781608825622


New Harbinger Publications

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