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Helping Your Socially Vulnerable Child (eBook)


From renowned child anxiety experts Andew Eisen and Linda Engler comes this first-ever parenting book to offer solution-focused help to the parents of children whom the authors classify as socially vulnerable: children who are subject to anxiety, shyness and depression, and bullying by other, more aggressive children.


Tools You Can Use to Help Your Child

In social situations, certain children are more likely than others to be subject to emotional and physical harm by more aggressive children. Shyness, social anxiety, or a tendency to be withdrawn may underlie this social vulnerability, as may awkwardness in social situations or an inclination to be impulsive or explosive. If your child struggles with any of these problems, there is much you can do to help him or her develop more effective social skills and learn to fit in better with peers.

In this book, the husband and wife team of Eisen and Engler provide you with a clinically proven set of coping tools and social-skill strategies you can tailor to your child’s unique social and emotional needs. Use them to promote confidence, independence, and social ease in your child, whether in the classroom, on the playground, or at play in his or her peer group. As you help your child mange his or her emotions, you’ll lay the groundwork for a more harmonious family life, better school adjustment, and ultimately, social success.

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Andrew R. Eisen



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5 – 2007






New Harbinger Publications

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