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Helping Your Depressed Child (eBook)


Based on the author’s extensive studies, Helping Your Depressed Child empowers parents by explaining how to recognize their child’s depressive disorder. The book advocates a home wellness program and features a series of steps parents can take to help their child through depression. These steps include finding an appropriate therapy, getting professional help, and understanding pharmacological treatments. Also included is detailed information on techniques like deep breathing, visualizations, and affirmations. With an estimated 2.5 to 4 million children under 18 affected by depressive disorders, this book offers the comprehensive, in-depth help that parents need.


Written for parents of children who have been diagnosed with depression, Helping Your Depressed Child offers a step-by-step program to help parents advocate for their child’s mental health care. Psychologist Martha Underwood Barnard teaches readers how to evaluate which therapies are most appropriate for their child’s particular situation, how and when to seek professional help, and how to understand the pharmacological treatments used with children today. Barnard also discusses other diagnoses commonly associated with depression that may also be affecting your child, and stresses ways in which the whole family can participate in the depressed child’s wellness by reinforcing cognitive behavioral techniques at home, including:

•How to discipline your child without exacerbating their symptoms
•How to help your child think positively by monitoring his or her thoughts
•Encouraging positive affirmations, and helping with visualization techniques and deep breathing.

The clinical wisdom and insights of Barnard, one of the most skillful and thorough child psychologists and clinicians I have known, shine throughout this book…Parents who read this book will understand what childhood depression is, how it is diagnosed, how it is treated, and what they can do to advocate for their child.

– Michael A. Rapoff, Ph.D., professor, Behavioral, Sciences Department of Pediatrics, University of Kansas Medical Center

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Martha Underwood Barnard



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6 – 2003






New Harbinger Publications

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