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Parenting Your Child with Autism (eBook)


Parenting Your Child Through the Challenges of Autism takes a revolutionary approach to helping parents find and implement the most effective and powerful treatments for children with autism, a condition that still baffles many mental health professionals. Autism expert M. Anjali Sastry and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) psychiatrist Blaise Aguirre offer practical tips and guidance parents can use to track the effects of treatment on their children and draw from their own observations to find the treatments that will get the best results.


Amid a bewildering range of treatments that promise to alleviate or even cure autism, even the leading researchers can’t predict what will work for your child. As a parent, you are in a unique position to become the practical expert on your child’s needs and strengths. Parenting Your Child with Autism will equip you with family-tested and science-based approaches for meeting the challenges ahead.

You’ll learn how to get a diagnosis and navigate the health care and educational systems, make sense of your child’s treatment options, and tap into expert opinions and your own observations to find a treatment program that works. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to become your child’s best advocate, and build a better life for your child.

This book focuses on the processes and decisions parents of children with autism face every day. To help you build an everyday life that works for your child with autism and other family members, this book shares suggestions that range from practical and educational to philosophical, closing with some personal and professional advice for your journey ahead.

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Anjali Sastry



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6 – 2012


9781608821914, 9781608821921


9781608821914, 9781608821921


New Harbinger Publications

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