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The Chemistry of Connection (eBook)


The Chemistry of Connection presents new evidence about the importance of the cuddle hormone (oxytocin) in human relationships and shows readers how they can harness its power to find love, bond with their mates, and build deeper connections with others.


When you make love, cuddle with a partner, or have coffee with close friends, a powerful brain chemical called oxytocin floods your body with feelings of contentment and trust. This natural “love drug,” produced by the hypothalamus, is responsible for human bonding in both platonic and intimate relationships, and is the key to many of the psychological differences between men and women. In The Chemistry of Connection, you’ll learn easy ways to increase your natural supply of oxytocin to establish deeper connections with family, friends, and romantic partners.

You’ll discover:

•The power of the cuddle hormone in relationships
•How sex and love are deeply entwined for both women and men
•The chemical differences between lust, romance, and love
•How to raise children who trust and love in a healthy way

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Susan Kuchinskas



Publish Date

4 – 2009


9781572249394, 9781608825059


9781572249394, 9781608825059


New Harbinger Publications

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