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When Your Child is Cutting (eBook)


This much-needed book acquaints parents of children and adolescents who cut themselves with the signs and causes of self-injury and offers strategies for communicating about the issue and getting kids the help they need to overcome this dangerous behavior.


A Compassionate Guide for Parents

As a parent, what’s harder to deal with than seeing your child in pain? It’s especially frustrating when you feel like you’ve exhausted the resources you could use to help him or her stop hurting. And if your child is cutting or engaging in another form of self-injury, a behavior that you simply can’t make any sense of in the first place, this feeling of helplessness can be unbearable.

This book offers you information and advice for dealing with a child who is hurting him or herself. Learn why self-injury happens, how to identify it, and how to address this sensitive topic with calm and confidence. Follow the book’s clear and simple plan for communicating with your child about this problem. Connect with the best kinds of professional help to get him or her through this painful time. Above all, rely on this compassionate and clinically sound book to give you the one thing you really need when your child is in pain-hope.

•Learn about the causes and effects of self-injury
•Identify the signs of self-harm
•Communicate effectively with a child who is hurting him or herself
•Choose the best professional help
•Support your child’s recovery

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Sony Khemlani-Patel



Publish Date

7 – 2006


9781608823055, 9781608823062


9781608823055, 9781608823062


New Harbinger Publications

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