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Watercooler Wisdom (eBook)


A survey of more than 20,000 workers and managers answers the question, ‘What do the happy people in your workplace know that you don’t?’ The result will empower readers to improve their experience at work by changing their thinking, attitudes, and behaviors in the office.


Transform Your Workday from Frustrating to Fulfilling

Keith Bailey and Karen Leland surveyed over 20,000 executives, managers, and staff from around the world and discovered how everyone from CEOs to secretaries can flourish despite the ever-increasing stresses of the workplace. Watercooler Wisdom is not a ‘business-as-usual’ business book. It’s a practical guide that offers you pertinent and powerful techniques for coping with conflict, pressure, and change–the three greatest sources of stress for workers worldwide. Use these strategies to prosper–even when circumstances seem to conspire against you. Find solutions to work problems inside yourself rather than waiting endlessly for your circumstances to change, and you can become the smarter person at work you were always meant to be.

Learn smart ways to:

•Engage your inner resources to create a meaningful work life
•Master the ‘smart people’ skills for facing difficult people and tense times
•Focus your energy on what matters most and avoid the lure of the trivial
•Design a ‘work makeover’ to accelerate your satisfaction and productivity

Keith Bailey and Karen Leland are cofounders of Sterling Consulting Group, an international management consulting company specializing in the people side of business. Their clients include such industry leaders as American Express, IBM, Marriott Hotels, Apple Computer, Johnson and Johnson, and many others. They have been interviewed by NBC, CBS, CNN, Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine and Oprah. Together they have coauthored five books including Customer Service for Dummies.

An excellent book for anyone who wants to bring more consciousness into the way they work and improve their effectiveness and the way others respond to them.

-Giles Bateman, former chairman of CompUsa and cofounder of Price Club

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Keith Bailey



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4 – 2006






New Harbinger Publications

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