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Thirty-Minute Therapy for Anger (eBook)


Thirty-Minute Therapy for Anger presents a breakthrough approach to the treatment of anger that is designed to fit the needs of people seeking fast solutions. Anger experts Ronald and Patricia Potter-Efron help readers identify their trouble spots and triggers, set realistic goals, and learn skills for managing anger before it gets out of control.


If you have 30 minutes, you can take charge of your anger.

Anger fills us with adrenaline, but can also cloud our thinking–a combination that tends to get us into trouble. In 30-Minute Therapy for Anger, you’ll learn proven-effective skills developed by therapists for helping people process and control their anger instead of lashing out at others. These conflict-defusing techniques will help you “cool down” anger so that you can respond calmly and effectively, even in life’s most aggravating situations.

Read just one or all three parts of this book:

Get the basics: Learn what you need to know to quickly get anger under control in the first sections of each chapter.

Gain a deeper understanding: Take it further and read the second sections of each chapter for skills that will help you make lasting changes.

Then, go online to practice your skills: Log on to find more exercises available online exclusively for 30-Minute Therapy for Anger readers.

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Ronald Potter-Efron



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4 – 2011






New Harbinger Publications

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