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The Source of Leadership (eBook)


In this pivotal book, business leader David Traversi examines the eight drivers common to all great leaders and offers advice on how readers can cultivate these powerful predictors of success and influence in their own professional lives.


Leadership is failing in many forums and failing at an increasing rate as technology accelerates and complicates our existence. Inside, you’ll discover the keys – the source – to embodying and performing the well known but highly elusive traits and functions, respectively, of the high-impact leader. You’ll learn how to develop eight personal drivers, energies deep within, each of which drives several of the traits and functions of the high-impact effective leader:

•Clarity of thought, emotion, and behavior
•Personal responsibility
•Connected communication

With the burgeoning trend toward seeking a deeper grounding personally as a means of performing better professionally, The Source of Leadership is the early “defining voice” of this new leadership discipline. (See 

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David Traversi



Publish Date

9 – 2007


9781608822713, 9781608822720


9781608822713, 9781608822720


New Harbinger Publications

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