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The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness (eBook)


The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness utilizes the Buddhist philosophies of compassion and non-harm as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. While traditional approaches to assertiveness training can seem inconsiderate and confrontational to those accustomed to taking the feelings of others into consideration, compassionate assertiveness helps readers express their feelings and needs while remaining considerate of others.


Speaking up for yourself has benefits, but it has costs, too. Many people who struggle with assertiveness are paralyzed by worries that they’ll seem mean, petty, or that they will hurt the other person’s feelings. Even though they want to speak up, they may keep their true needs and opinions to themselves because of these fears–eventually building stress, resentment, and alienation. The Guide to Compassionate Assertiveness does not require that readers ignore the needs of others and focus solely on their own desires. Rather, this unique blend of cognitive behavioral therapy-based assertiveness training and Buddhist psychology helps readers practice assertiveness skills while caring deeply about the welfare of others.

This book helps readers develop a form of assertiveness that emphasizes collaboration, negotiation, and compromise. It focuses on speaking up for the benefit of others and speaking up for the relationship, not just one’s own needs. In this way, readers learn to assert their needs in ways that match their compassionate value systems. This book is the ideal assertiveness guide for those who are afraid of rejection, have a deep concern for how others perceive them, often feel judged by others, or have difficulty expressing their feelings and needs. Readers learn to apply assertiveness skills in all domains of their lives, including in romantic relationships, as parents, at work, and in social settings.

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Sherrie Mansfield Vavrichek



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8 – 2012


9781608821723, 9781608821730


9781608821723, 9781608821730


New Harbinger Publications

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