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The Gift of Anger (eBook)


The Gift of Anger presents a radical approach to the concept of anger: instead of viewing anger as a problem, therapist and anger expert Marcia Cannon explains how it can be used as a gift and a cue for personal growth. Appropriately used, anger can help readers explore their core beliefs, strengthen their relationships with others, and fulfill their unmet needs.


It’s Time to Listen to Your Anger

Anger is a natural response to feelings of hurt, betrayal, and embarrassment, and a reliable outlet when we feel just plain stressed out. Yet many of us see anger as a negative, potentially dangerous emotion that should be suppressed.

But the truth is, anger is a gift–a natural, internal signal that unfailingly identifies an opportunity for healing and growth. The Gift of Anger shows you how to recognize this signal, discover the deeper meaning behind your anger, and change the relationships and situations in your life that frustrate you. In seven simple and effective steps, this book guides you past any level of anger, from mild irritation to rage, and toward a balanced approach to using anger for greater understanding and well-being.

By learning to see anger as a gift, you’ll be able to:

•Regain emotional balance after becoming angry
•Identify and name the unmet needs at the root of your anger
•Create an action plan for ensuring your needs are met
•Understand and forgive others and have compassion for yourself

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Marcia Cannon



Publish Date

3 – 2011


9781572249677, 9781608822768


9781572249677, 9781608822768


New Harbinger Publications

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