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The Clinician’s Guide to Exposure Therapies for Anxiety Spectrum Disorders (eBook)


The Clinician’s Guide to Exposure Therapies for Anxiety Spectrum Disorders is a much-needed, organized manual that offers therapists a detailed menu of exposure exercises for the treatment of the most common fears and phobias. It includes strategies for increasing clients’ willingness to participate in exposure therapy and incorporates the most effective therapy exercises from cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other modalities. Therapists can simply look up clients’ symptoms to find the most effective exposure therapy treatment exercises for a client’s particular anxiety issue.


As a mental health professional, it can be difficult to help anxious clients face their fears and anxieties. Exposure therapy is widely appreciated as one of the most effective therapeutic treatments for anxiety spectrum disorders; however, it is often underutilized due to problems that present themselves during treatment, such as client unwillingness or hesitancy, or a lack of understanding on the professional’s part regarding targeted applications. The Clinician’s Guide to Exposure Therapies for Anxiety Spectrum Disorders offers guidance in creating specific exposure exercises for clients’ individual fears and phobias, as well as tools to help you and your clients overcome common roadblocks that arise during exposure therapy.

In addition, this clinician’s guide presents detailed solutions and specific exposure strategies for the most common fears and phobias clients experience. You will learn to implement exposure therapy and integrate it with other evidence-based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). The book also includes reproducible worksheets you can use to help clients develop hierarchies of exposure and information about using prolonged exposure therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder. If you are looking for a powerful resource for treating anxiety disorders, this is it.

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Timothy A. Sisemore



Publish Date

12 – 2012


9781608821532, 9781608821549


9781608821532, 9781608821549


New Harbinger Publications

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