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More Vegetables, Please! (eBook)


In More Vegetables, Please!, groundbreaking doctor and best-selling author Elson Haas teams up with a natural chef to show readers how to add vegetables, a rich source of fiber and micronutrients, to the family’s favorite meals. The book includes more than 100 recipes and also offers tips on how to make vegetables taste good.


Is there a vegetable boycott in effect in your family? Tempt them with the delicious recipes for hummus, macaroni and cheese, pizza, and chicken pot pie in More Vegetables, Please! and you’ll learn that even finicky eaters are surprisingly easy to reform.

Created by renowned doctor and nutrition specialist Elson Haas and natural chef and nutritionist Patty James, the recipes in this book-over 100 in all-offer fresh ideas for changing the way you prepare vegetables to make them appealing, even to picky eaters. You’ll learn how to make simple transitions into healthier eating with tasty, easy-to-prepare sauces and spreads, sandwiches, entrees, and even desserts that incorporate these naturally nutrient-rich foods. Soon, even the most anti-veggie factions will be not only eating, but enjoying vegetables each and every day.

Includes tips for:
•Adding vegetables to your family’s favorite dishes
•Making vegetables taste good with seasonings and sauces
•Changing your vegetable choices with the seasons
•Encouraging the whole family to get excited about food and nutrition

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Elson Haas



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11 – 2009






New Harbinger Publications

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