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Memories That Matter (eBook)


A leading researcher into the role that self-defining memories play in the development of personality and identity teaches readers how to use their memories as tools for personal exploration, goal achievement, and better mental health.


Who are you? Your family background, line of work, and cultural beliefs may situate you within different social groups, but the memories you have of your life experiences are what truly make you unique. These self-defining memories can be powerful tools for change, giving you invaluable inspiration and guidance. On the other hand, self-defeating memories can interfere with your goals, control your moods, and rob you of your capacity for happiness and enjoyment. The trick is to maximize the power of your positive memories and minimize the influence of your negative ones.

This book offers a simple, step-by-step program that will guide you to identify and explore the memories that define the real you. With nothing more than a journal, a pen, and a willingness to look deeply into your own personal story, this book will help you make your past into a prologue for a better future.

As you explore the most important experiences of your past, you’ll uncover powerful insights into who you are. Use these secrets to:

Understand repetitive relationship patters

Achieve important life goals

Foster deeper personal meaning

Challenge the limits of your creativity

Nurture intimacy with loved ones and friends

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Jefferson A. Singer



Publish Date

12 – 2005






New Harbinger Publications

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