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Making Sense of Your Senses (eBook)


A workbook for kids with sensory processing disorder (SPD), a condition characterized by difficulty with sensory integration, Making Sense of Your Senses includes activities designed to help parents teach children skills they can use in everyday life to overcome their symptoms and build self-awareness.


Help Your Child Overcome Sensory Overload, One Activity at a Time

Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) or sensory processing challenges associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, or other developmental conditions experience the world very differently than other kids. They may react strongly to sounds, textures, and stimulation, finding even seemingly minor sensations intolerable. Other children with SPD hardly notice sensory stimulation at all, or have trouble with basic motor skills and coordination. If your child shows symptoms of this condition, you may wonder what you can do to help ease your child’s SPD-related stress, panic, or other challenging behavior.

Making Sense of Your Senses is full of activities and skill-building exercises you can do with your child to help him or her balance sensory stimulation and practice self-calming techniques. Kids can use these techniques anytime they feel overwhelmed or have the urge to seek out intense sensory experiences. Before long, your child will be better able to tolerate everyday sensations and prevent stimulation overload–essential skills for living a happy, healthy, and comfortable life.

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Christopher R. Auer



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12 – 2010


9781572248373, 9781608821785


9781572248373, 9781608821785


New Harbinger Publications

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