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Eating with Fierce Kindness (eBook)


Eating with Fierce Kindness is a revolutionary program for those who overeat or want to lose weight. The program is based in compassion and mindfulness techniques. Readers learn to cope with negative body image, become mindful of the thoughts and experiences that relate to food and eating, and approach weight loss from a place of kindness and self-care rather than self-recrimination and guilt.


You Can Change Your Relationship to Food

Eating with Fierce Kindness is not a diet, but a way to revolutionize how you think about yourself and about food. Eating with fierce kindness and compassion toward yourself, instead of shame and self-blame, will empower you to change your relationship to food and see yourself in a whole new light.

This book will guide you toward an understanding of why and how you are eating so you can successfully change your eating patterns. As you learn to reduce the stress and impulsivity that often drives emotional eating, you’ll also practice new ways to savor food and finally nourish your body the way it deserves.

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Sasha Loring



Publish Date

12 – 2010


9781572249301, 9781608821778


9781572249301, 9781608821778


New Harbinger Publications

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