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Trust Your Truth (eBook)


Yoga and meditation teacher and rising star Shannon Algeo presents Trust Your Truth—a transformational guide to help readers overcome feelings of self-doubt, trust their own purpose, and build the confidence and courage needed to be themselves. The book invites readers to partake in powerful practices for healing body and mind, and offers inspiration for collective social change.


It’s time to wake up and become the person you are here to be. In Trust Your Truth, transformational LBGTQ+ spiritual teacher Shannon Algeo (he/him) invites you on a profound journey to move beyond self-doubt and live the badass life you are meant to live.  Self-doubt intensifies whenever we give our power away to people and things outside of us. But your self-worth is always sourced from within you. Organized by the seven chakras—the energetic centers of the body—Trust Your Truth invites you to discover your truth on every level of YOU: to awaken to your true calling, accept yourself wholeheartedly, honor your emotions, trust your intuition, and measure success based on how true you can be to yourself—rather than the expectations of others.  When you learn to trust your truth, you open yourself up to becoming the most empowered, present, and alive version of yourself. The powerful practices throughout this book are interwoven with raw, personal stories from Algeo’s own healing journey—showing you how aligning with your purpose and being the True You benefits everyone around you and your collective community as a whole. As Algeo says, “One of the bravest journeys is the journey inward.”  Get ready for a journey from head to heart and beyond. This book will be your step forward onto a new path of deeper courage, rich insights, and profound wisdom as you uncover the power of who you truly are.

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Shannon Algeo



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3 – 2021


9781684037001, 9781684037018


9781684037001, 9781684037018


New Harbinger Publications

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