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Five Good Minutes at Work (eBook)


The best-selling authors of Five Good Minutes® provide 100 meditations, mindfulness exercises, and visualizations you can do in just five minutes to stay calm and focused during your workday, beat stress, and feel a renewed sense of vitality at work.


Five Minutes to a Happier, More Productive Workday
Is your workday filled with chaos, stress and, at times, and inability to focus? Do you have mountains of projects ahead of you but no motivation to tackle them? In less time than you would spend on a coffee break, you can fill your workday with calm, balance, and serenity. Five Good Minutes® at Work, the third in the breakaway Five Good Minutes™ series, can help you transform your workday from tired and uninspired to engaged and productive in just a few good minutes.
Whether sitting at your desk or ducking into the supply closet, you can include these stress-relieving and centering activities into even the busiest schedule. These practices can help you deal with difficult coworkers, tyrannical bosses, impossible deadlines, and more. Your five good minutes each day will reward you with increased productivity, reduced workplace conflict, and a sense of serenity that will start to spread to the rest of your life.
Five Good Minutes is a trademark of New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

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Jeffrey Brantley



Publish Date

7 – 2007


9781572247420, 9781608824540


9781572247420, 9781608824540


New Harbinger Publications

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