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Embrace Your Greatness (eBook)


Embrace Your Greatness offers 50 quick tips and tools to help readers overcome self-doubt, silence their inner critic, be assertive, boost self-esteem, and embrace their greatness using a variety of evidence-based modalities—including mindfulness, acceptance, self-compassion, and positive psychology.


It’s time to start feeling good about yourself! In this go-to guide, a licensed professional counselor offers 50 quick tips and tools to help you overcome self-doubt, silence your inner critic, be assertive, boost your self-esteem, and embrace your greatness.In our image-obsessed world, it’s easy to compare yourself to friends, celebrities, and models. Social media has skewed our perception of reality by only offering images of people at their best. But the truth is that most people struggle with self-criticism and self-doubt—at least some of the time. So, how can you stop paying attention to your inner critic and start focusing on what makes you truly great?In Embrace Your Greatness, you’ll find powerful—yet incredibly simple—tools grounded in mindfulness, acceptance, self-compassion, and positive psychology to help you start feeling good about yourself. The book includes unique and engaging activities and exercises to help you put a stop to that nagging inner critic, overcome perfectionism, and develop lasting self-confidence. You’ll also discover ways to be more assertive, develop healthy relationships that support a healthy you, and cultivate an unshakable sense of optimism about yourself and your life.If you need a quick confidence boost, this fun guide offers 50 ways to nix your nagging inner critic and start loving who you are.

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Judith Belmont



Publish Date

1 – 2019


9781684032211, 9781684032228


9781684032211, 9781684032228


New Harbinger Publications

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