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The Can’t-Be-Seen Who Couldn’t Squawk

The Can't-Be-Seen Who Couldn't Squawk mock front cover

Welcome to the land of the Can’t-Be-Seens! Meet Nate, a unique Can’t-Be-Seen who does not squawk like the rest. Family, friends, teachers and doctors are not able to help him. But when he meets others like himself, Nate learns just how truly special he is. His world will never be the same again. Neither will he.

Follow Nate on an adventure to self-discovery and acceptance in the fantastical world of the Can’t-Be-Seen. 

Nate is the same as every other Can’t-Be-Seen, with one difference: Nate has a speech impairment-a squawk impairment if you will! 

This book is an #ownvoices picture book for children aged 2-8 years old and can be a great classroom device to foster important discussions around inclusion, acceptance and bullying.

Meet the Creators

Photography by Blaine Williams

Professor Dale F. Williams

The Can’t-Be-Seen Who Couldn’t Squawk is authored by Professor Dale F. Williams who himself has a stutter. His motivation in creating the book, came from the realisation that there is not much representation for people with speech and language impairments in books. He recognised the importance of teaching acceptance and self acceptance to children at the age where they typically develop a speech or language impairment. Professor Williams is Chair of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Florida Atlantic University, and has also authored several other books about stuttering, including:

Dr Susannah L. Brown

The Can’t-Be-Seen Who Couldn’t Squawk is Professor Williams’ first children’s book and was created in collaboration with illustrator and fellow Florida Atlantic University (FAU) colleague, Professor Susannah Brown. Prof Brown has an extensive background in visual and fine arts education and is the Professor of Art Education in the College of Education Department of Teaching and Learning at FAU. She has won several teaching awards including the National Art Education Association (NAEA) 2019 Higher Education Art Educator of the Year and is also a studio artist, having exhibited visual art works in galleries and museums. The following are three of Prof Brown’s latest literary works:

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